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The Condor Instructions Division specializes in multidimensional security instruction solutions. We use special innovative training mechanisms that attain the growing operational requirements dictated by the adversary. Our system focuses on teaching only what is directly connected to the adversary modus operandi within the different theatres of operation.

Consequently our technical reservoir is the direct product of extensive research and field trial and error solutions that have been tested and defined as feasible. The Condor Instruction System is unique and encompasses a complete solution policy.

Condor is a full scale integrator of security instruction solutions. We do not apply a copy paste system of instruction whereby we teach in the same manner a group of techniques and make cosmetic changes to fit the specific group or unit in question.

Instead, we have built customized instruction solutions packages that are inherent to the operational requirements of different professional communities.

Techniques are born in the field and must be the product of advanced intelligence of the adversary. Their modus operandi must be studied and we must be able to built customized solutions to these attacks. Consequently, as every theatre of action has different professional groups, it is crucial to build a package of solutions based on concrete data that and fits the activity of different professionals.

Condor Instructions treats each professional function as an area of expertise and therefore, we offer specific instructional tactics and solution.

Our consulting and training services include but are not limited to:

  • Military Instruction

  • Law Enforcement Instruction

  • Special Operations Instruction

  • Combat Instruction

  • Self Defense Instruction

  • Firearms Instruction

  • Anti Terror Instruction

  • SWAT Instruction

  • Security Instruction

  • Sky Marshal Instruction

  • Sea Marshal Instruction

  • Extreme Situations Instructions

  • Scenario Instruction

  • Multidisciplinary Instruction

  • Corporate Instruction

  • Coaching


Practical instruction

The development of combat tactics relies on having access to realistic techniques that have been field tested and are easy to implement. In addition, these tactics need to be taught and applied under stress when conditions are extreme. All our techniques receive operational feedback from combatants that can give us realistic input on their implementation. This is extremely important when deciding how and what to teach so that operational objectives are reached.

Enhancing your capabilities

We believe in the human factor and enhancing the capabilities of those which are at the forefront of their professional function. The enhancement process is directly related on the instructional methods used. Condor integrates practical instruction which develops the mental, strategic, tactical and operational channels of action within the person. This integration is essential for developing the required skills needed in preparing different personnel for their professional functions.

Realistic simulations

The simulations used in our instruction department are very realistic and place the trainees in the scenarios which they will experience in their daily activities. Instruction can be very challenging and simulations require the participants the need to develop their pedagogical skills, patience, flexibility and operational creativity in order to attain the objectives.