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Condor defines combat as the operational capability to neutralize and/or contain an attack from being carried in its total form.  This objective requires extensive resources that can be applied efficiently in order to have Combat Capabilities according to the above mentioned definition. These capabilities reflect our ability to understand the threats, the adversary tactics, and most importantly, to have realistic solutions that we can implement. Our system is based on a multi facet integration of physical, mental, cultural and psychological skills required in order to effectively prevent, deter and/or neutralize existing threats.

This integration is the essence of acquiring the ability to avoid unnecessary risks and to ability to know how to react in case of danger. We strongly believe that these capacities are the building block for selecting the appropriate decision making strategies and operational behavior in high risk areas.

Our concept is based on an operational matrix designed to fulfill all the required pieces of a given security puzzle. This operational concept is a derivative of Israel’s constant fight against multiple diverse adversaries in the national and international networks. In accordance, this reality allows our teams to test, modify and adapt our solutions to the diverse modus operandi in the law enforcement, corporate and organizational arenas.

Condor has a multi disciplinary combat doctrine approach regarding the numerous typologies and applications of operating in high risk areas. We understand that this requires specialized resources and manpower in order to maximize operational objectives. We strongly believe that only a wise combination of strategic and tactical guidance with extensive realistic training can bring efficient and productive results.

Concept Delivery

Condor adheres to a global security concept delivery methodology that offers its clients a unique platform of state of the art security services. In order to maximize our resources and minimize time and costs, we have developed a unique client requirement policy that centralizes all crucial data in order to formulate an action plan based on intelligence.This process allows for intelligence to serve as the building block of the solution method and package most suitable to the operational requirements.

Condor teams devote extensive resources to understanding the threats specific to the client and selecting the most surgical solutions in order to have the human and technological means for effective mitigation of conflicts during routine and emergency situations. Our solutions and techniques are carefully analyzed and tested prior to being delivered so that they can be delivered after having been integrated and tuned within the respective organization.


Condor instructors come from a wide variety of backgrounds since we operatenumerous divisions and require specific know how related to the area of activity. Our selection process for becoming an instructor is very rigorous and long since our professional standards are the highest there is. It is required for all potential instructors to have operational field experience as well as commanding and instructional experience.

In addition, all selected potential instructors must go through a long Condor instruction course where all qualities and faculties are extensively worked on. This course measures all professional aptitudes required for becoming a specific instructor as well as special pedagogical methodologies required for ensuring professional instructional mechanism.

In the second phase of the training, all potential instructors learn specific Condor techniques in accordance with their area of specialization. These techniques involve specialized operational solutions for different organizations. These techniques are applied to the different arenas inherent to the area of operation within the Condor Division. Condor makes sure that the instructors can apply Israeli know how to the domestic environment ofthe specific client. We do not believe in a copy and paste approach as each geographical area, environment and client has its own theatre of operation.

Certified instructors are required to speak several languages, have an academic degree and continue to undergo training as part as their overall function. They travel extensively and are required to study the local problems inherent to each country in order to understand the reality in each specific country. This evolutionary policy allows us to teach only solutions that work and are applicable.


The Condor Combat Systems management is located in the company’s home office in Israel. In addition, Condor works and complies with several international organizations that act as company liaison in the respective countries. These liaison organizations are required to have undergone Condor training and maintain the operational standards dictated by our professional code.

Our training and consulting teams work in constant turnkey collaboration with the division’s management. This process condenses all operative channels through the entire stages of the respective project and maximizes the objectives by safeguarding human and technological interests.

Operative Teams

As part of our global security alliance security doctrine, Condor deploys different operative teams that are specifically tailored to the nature of the project. These teams are composed of multidisciplinary backgrounds in order to understand the macro and micro parameters of the security project.

In addition, these teams are composed of international consultants that are deployed on a per need basis. We believe that the secret to any project relies on the composition of the team that will be responsible for designing and implementing the solutions in the field.The right team composition allows the client to have the most experienced and suitable staff required for the specifications in place.

The condor management is part of these teams and is often proactive in the implementation of these projects. This policy is part of Condor’s mission to integrate the management in all phases of the project and maximize operational quality control.

Our System

Condor’s security concept is to combine our strategic expertise with specific operational solutions that adhere to a multidisciplinary approach with extensive innovative know how and technological expertise.This security system is the product of our unique ability to integrate the Israeli experience to worldwide conflicts. This process is achieved by synchronizing strategic intelligence policy making and selective surgical applications in order to maximize operational objectives.

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