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Advanced Combat First Aid

The advanced combat aid course provides participants with the advanced skills for providing extensive care in a variety of trauma injuries. In this training, participants also engage in advanced unarmed and armed combat techniques in high risk areas in order to integrate medical care with combat tactics. This integration compels the trainees to have a deep understanding of the combat and medical arenas within one context. Condor healthcare is dedicated to joining these two arenas in order to create a joint understanding that enables quick response and care in different hostile activities.


Target Audience:

This qualification is for military personnel, security operatives, senior security officers, first responders and sensitive installations security personnel.


Application and admission to this course is subject to submitting all forms and documentation for course participation in the registration section of this site, and receiving respective clearance.

Duration of Qualification:

6 Training days composed of practical training, exercises, field simulations, written scenarios, conferences and visits to specific installations


Condor is licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense and complies with all its regulations. Participants to the course that fulfill all operational requirements and pass the practical and written examination will be awarded a Diploma of Successful Completion and a Letter of Recommendation. Participants that do not fulfill all operational requirements and/or do not pass the practical and written exams will be awarded a Certificate of Participation to the course.

Location of Course:

The course will take place in our Operative Training Center in Israel or at one of our International Training Centers. Please check in our schedule site- link for exact details of location and dates of next course. Please bear in mind that this course is in extensive demand and, therefore, we suggest you to register early due to the limited space available. Please note that Condor will conduct ( depending on the course )some of the training in different environments such as desert, forest, sea , urban settings and other required areas to make our courses reflect the specific operational requirements.

Course Topics:

  • The following topics will be covered in the course:

  • Armed combat tactics

  • Combat shooting in open space, urban setting, building

  • Unarmed combat against edged weapons

  • Vital C.P.R skills

  • Combat first aid and basic treatment principles

  • Hemorrhage control

  • Wound assessments and treatment priority

  • Basic multiple casualty treatment


What to bring to the course:

When admission and registration is complete participants will receive a letter of admission and a list of personal belongings and equipment required to bring with you. This list is subject to change due to the location of the course that you have registered to and specific climate/topographic conditions.