Our Security

Condor’s Security concept

Condor’s security concept is to combine our strategic expertise with specific operational solutions that adhere to a multidisciplinary approach with extensive innovative know how and technological expertise.

This security system is the product of our unique ability to integrate the Israeli experience to worldwide conflicts. This process is achieved by synchronizing strategic intelligence policy making and selective surgical applications in order to maximize operational objectives.

We have built and created customized solutions for sensitive compounds. Our array of solutions is based on advanced preventative, neutralization and deterrent activity. Therefore, our programs are designed for intervening at these three levels. They are the spinal cord for efficient contingency planning and management of high-risk situations. The staff is composed of operatives from the Israeli security establishment that have had vast field experience combined with management and instructional positions. They all speak several languages and have respective university degrees in associated disciplines. Moreover, they have served in positions that have required ongoing contact and understanding of international threats within the context of domestic and international security requirements.