A Full-Scale
Security Integrator

About Condor Security

Condor was established in order to serve the Israeli security industry and offer solutions to the requirements imposed by our reality. Our teams have consulted and trained various professional groups within the Israeli Security Establishment. It is within this context that Condor was asked to become an active security integrator for the law enforcement, homeland security and corporate sector in the international arena.

The Condor Global Security Alliance is committed the highest sense of professional etiquette regarding our solutions and services. This commitment reflects our vision and constant study of the adversary. This research-based security doctrine serves as our guide to building security solutions and policy implementation. Our goal is to provide customized solutions that work and are applicable within the context of different environments.  We strive at constantly improving our services and rigorously select our operative teams. Condor operates in different locations and understands the reality of each country and formulates each solution package using extensive methodologies

Early warning
and Response tactics


Condor specializes in turnkey technological solutions for the most challenging requirements in Real Time Prevention and Emergency Response Management for different scenarios. Our technological solutions are proactively tailored to different industries for the effective prevention, management, mitigation of concrete risks. We have developed a set of technologies after extensive experience in different theaters of actions where we have learned what works and what does not. Our B to B products are organisation based and have different modules and features for fulfillment of the operations and strategic objectives.

Business Development

Condor adheres to a strong policy of business development with different organisations in different industries. We strive to develop strong professional ties and are open to building   different channels of activity. Condor welcomes business initiatives that adhere to high professional standards and promote innovative solutions. We welcome receiving your ideas, queries and proposals so that we can discuss  potential ways of cooperation. Our goal is to extend our services, products and experience through a strategy defined by common objectives


The operational context is the building block of Condor's mission in the development of innovative solutions to different adversaries. Our operational culture is adversary based and strives to constantly assess objectively the threats, risks and build surgical solutions in order to prevent, neutralize and respond efficiently. This process requires constant self analysis, enhancement of capabilities, and a security culture governed by humbleness and respect for the adversary. This operational matrix relies on a solid Outside of the Box mindset that stems from the right balance between the human and technological factors.


The term research is usually related to academics. In our case, research is the operational process in which we study the adversary's modus operandi and cross examine our capabilities to see if they fit accordingly. Our capabilities must always attain a strategic and operational advantage to promote early warning, strategic surprise of the adversary and effective response mechanisms. Another very important component of our research mindset is defined by our constant analysis of different events in order to define what works and what has failed within the different functions inherent to different situations. Finally, research as we see it, is a dynamic activity constantly changing, adapting and shifting operational priorities.


Condor combines offensive and defensive strategies in delivering the most suitable solutions to its clients. The strategic component is based on attaining the required intelligence, presenting the data to decision makers and building an adequate and applicable plan.The selection of the strategy depends on many factors which need to fit the profile, but more importantly, the capabilities of the threat. Our teams assess, define and build the correct strategy for delivering the solution in the shortest time for both the preventative and response channels. There are numerous components that need to be addressed, such as, the topography, current security system, manpower level, legal restrictions and much more. This process requires connecting the dots and reaching the objective.


All security threats require a set of tactical solutions that need to be implemented by the respective functions. Such tactics must be accurate, fast, and decisive in order to eliminate the threat before it becomes a crisis or a much more complex scenario. Tactic selection depends on the modus operandi of the adversary, but most importantly, on our tactical capabilities. Condor combines a unique approach for tactical selection that is based on effective selection of personnel, correct training, and easy and applicable protocols and procedures that have worked under stress. Our tactical approach is delivered after going through a human based laboratory process of extensive simulations and tests at different levels.