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Condor Security is a consulting and training institution that specializes in turnkey solutions for the military, law enforcement, homeland security and corporate sectors. Condor is licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense and is a leading provider of security services that adhere to the highest standards required for facing the multidisciplinary challenges inherent to the adversary’s modus operandi.

Condor’s security concept is to combine our strategic expertise with specific operational solutions that adhere to a multidisciplinary approach with extensive innovative know how and technological expertise.

This security system is the product of our unique ability to integrate the Israeli experience to worldwide conflicts. This process is achieved by synchronizing strategic intelligence policy making and selective surgical applications in order to maximize operational objectives.

Condor’s expertise concept derives from combining our knowledge and experience to our customer’s needs and requirements. The expertise lies in finding the right adjustment between our knowledge and its applications to the client’s line of activity.